Why concrete Countertop is superior to Granite?

Why Concrete Countertop is superior to Granite?

There are many reasons why you should consider a concrete countertop instead of granite. The most important one is price. Based on the location you live in the cost to install a concrete counter can vary from $2,220 to $2.410 in addition to the costs of materials. Another reason is the durability. Although granite countertops require regular maintenance Concrete will last for over twenty many years. And because concrete is less expensive as granite is, it could be an ideal choice to a highly-trafficked area of your house.

How to Build a Concrete Countertop

While concrete is more costly however, it will last for a long time. It is easy to seal but is not as resistant to scratches as granite. Even if it does get scratched up the damage can be easily repaired by applying a fresh layer of sealant. If you’d prefer to stay clear of the stress of having to reseal every year it, consider a DIY concrete countertop. It’s simple and quick, which means you can complete it yourself.

One reason why you ought to select concrete countertops is the range of colors available. Contrary to granite concrete, concrete has more versatility. It can be tinted to match the style of your house. For instance, you can create a custom design using a contrasting color. Contrary to granite, it offers a limited range of colors. Concrete offers the most diverse colors. This means you’ll be able to choose the right shade to match your interior.

Another reason to select concrete countertops is the cost. While it is more costly than granite, it is definitely worth it. Concrete countertops are a great option for people who are skilled at doing. The only issue is that you aren’t able to DIY concrete countertops, however you can get professionals. The costs for labor are affordable and you can showcase your new style by installing a concrete countertop.

Concrete’s cost countertop is significantly less expensive that granite. Its durability makes it the ideal option for areas with high traffic. Additionally it’s extremely robust. One stone of granite could be susceptible to cracking. You’ll need to employ an entire team of contractors to put it up. Concrete countertops are more costly than granite, however its durability is unlike the other materials. It is able to last for up to 20 years and is an enormous benefit.

The price is cheaper, when compared with granite. Concrete countertops are stain-resistant and durable. Like granite countertops, they can be shaped to exactly the dimensions and shape you desire. Concrete countertops aren’t only beautiful, but it’s an excellent choice for outdoor areas. The cost is similar, however it’s difficult to match the strength of granite. However, the main drawback is the need for maintenance.

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